How I’m starting my business

So I’ve decided to go forth with building my empire. What now?

Well now I take the time to gather my ideas, do my research, and formulate a plan. I went to target and bought a note book. I wanted to make sure that I could put all of my thoughts into one place. I make sure to carry the journal with me at all times in case I get a random thought that I know I will forget.  Continue reading “How I’m starting my business”

Hello to my new world – The Bold Chic


Welcome to my blog. I created the blog to dedicate a space to write out my journey on growing with the Lord and building my empire. I know there will be many like me out in the wild wanting to start somewhere and not knowing how. I figured I can start here and so can you.

I have been dreaming about having my platform for sometime now. I have been jumping around ideas of what I should do but eventually gave up. I think I had other things to sort out before I took this path on. The first thing I really had to do was get to know myself.

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